Inspired by the beauty of our country and the strength and ingenuity of our people, Sandstorm have been making bags in Nairobi for 20 years. You see, Kenya isn’t just where we are, Kenya makes us who we are.

From humble beginnings as a safari tent maker who found use for some left-over canvas in their own line of sturdy safariready bags. Sandstorm slowly noticed an increase in demand for their luxury leather bags and made the decision to focus their efforts there.

Even after making the switch to bags, they’ve never lost touch with their roots: if you’re on a guided safari in Kenya there’s a good chance your vehicle will be fitted with Sandstorm seat covers, and to this day more safari professionals continue to choose Sandstorm bags over any other.

Sandstorm bags are only be as good as the materials used, and where they come from is just as important as their quality. By using Kenyan materials whenever possible, not only is there support for our economy, but they also reduce the impact on the environment.

As a small factory team, they work like a family. Each with their own great responsibility and collectively with duty and purpose. Til this day one sewer will stitch one bag together from start to finish and this breathes a unique character to everything we make.