Our Payment Service Provider

We have chosen DPO Group to provide payment services for our customers.

DPO Group is a leading African payment service provider (PSP) which has developed the technology to enable businesses and individuals across the continent to make payments online and offline with all currencies and payment methods, including major cards, mobile money and e-wallets.

DPO Group currently works with over 100,000 merchants, including 50+ airlines, hotels, restaurants and travel agents all over Africa. The company was founded in 2006 and since then it has grown to be a pan-African PSP with more than 300 employees and a presence in 19 African countries.

DPO Group has developed a sophisticated end-to-end fraud prevention system and holds PCI DSS Level 1 Certification, the highest level of certification as set out by the industry standards, in each of the countries in which it operates.

DPO’s merchants include global players such as Expedia and Booking.com, as well as small to medium enterprises, and by providing its merchants with the capacity to make and accept payments effortlessly, DPO aims to support financial inclusion and economic development on the continent.

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