Announcement - Covid-19/Coronavirus

This isn't the first post I expected to write for our new website; it was going to be upbeat and in keeping with the spirit of this photograph of us all in happier times; it was going to be about how excited we were to be adding e-commerce as a sales channel for our small but growing business. Now, especially in Nairobi where we've always relied on selling through our own shops in malls, and as keeping our distance looks set to be the 'new normal' for the foreseeable future, being able to sell online has taken on both new urgency and new significance.


And while in an ideal world we'd send everyone home to self-isolate, in the absence of significant state financial support we need to keep the factory open to complete the orders we have, to generate the income we need to keep paying salaries. But we are of course implementing all Government directives as they are issued, and will continue to do so. Stay safe.

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